10 Amazing People Who Brought Game Of Thrones To Life


10 Amazing People Who Brought Game Of Thrones To Life

Ever since Game of Thrones premiered on HBO in 2011, it has been inspiring people to get the same look as the characters on the show. From real-life doppelgangers to creative beauty bloggers these Game of Thrones wannabes have really got the show style down part! Today we are discussing ten people who brought Game of Thrones to life. Just wait until you see how similar one beauty blogger looks to the show’s infamous dragon mother stay tuned to see who it is!

Zack McIntosh

10 Amazing People Who Brought Game Of Thrones To Life

Fans of Game of Thrones nearly fainted at the end of season 5. Mostly because one of the series’ most beloved characters passed away with no warning. Thankfully, Jon Snow was resurrected the following season, but between the two seasons, one fan brought the character to life. Meet Zack McIntosh, a psychology student from California he happens to be a game of Thrones superman and it’s easy to see why. Zack decided to deck himself out in a 500-dollar Jon Snow costume for Sacramento’s Wizard World Comic Con in 2016, and the results were pretty shocking. It didn’t take long for the Ben 22 year old to be bombarded for pictures and autographs with other fans. Mostly because he looked nearly identical to the real John Snow actor, Kit Harington. From the similar curly hair and the patchy mustache and beard, it was pretty hard to tell the two apart. just look at Zack recreating the infamous last scene from season 5. Pretty incredible right? He looks so much like Jon Snow that even the official Twitter account for the show gave Zack a shout-out. We are pretty sure if he decided to give up on a psychology degree, he’d be just fine posing as Jon Snow for parties and conventions. Maybe this is a new career calling? What do you guys think?

Alyson chase

10 Amazing People Who Brought Game Of Thrones To Life

The Game of Thrones creators have done a fantastic job of inspiring artwork all over the world. But, makeup artist, Alyson chase, paid homage to the imaginative shell the best way she knew how. After daydreaming about what would happen next between season 4 & 5, Allison had an idea that she knew she had to bring to life; a game of Thrones themed photo shoot. While most people would paint themselves to look like the characters, Alison chose to be inspired by the different houses of the show. Alison hired a photographer and nine different models that she thought were the perfect representatives for all different houses. The results were pretty stunning if you ask us. Just look at the House of Baratheon Alison decided to model this one herself, and she totally pulled it off! She even made the horn crown herself this woman has some serious talent. She played with Cersei’s infamous wavy hair for the House of Lannister, we love the gold detail around the eyes and look at the golden hand! One of our favorite looks is the House of Targaryen. Doesn’t the model look like a smoldering dragon mother like Daenerys? Then there was the house of Tyrell, who was a ringer for Margaery with her long auburn hair and big eyes. We loved that this artist really took her creativity to the next level with these looks.

Deepika Negi

When you think of some of the scariest characters on Game of Thrones the White Walkers are sure to cross your mind. And, while most girls who cosplay for conventions choose to be Daenerys, Deepika Negi had another idea. Though she did want to be the mother of dragons at first, she couldn’t find a wig to properly pull off the character at Bangalore comic-con 2015. So, instead of making herself over into a mediocore Daenerys, Deepika chose to be a white Walker and this was the result. She looked equally impressive and terrifying all at the same time. She really let her imagination run wild with this cosplay costume. Deepika even attached a beard to her chin, and we have to say she is rocking it like a pro. What is even more shocking is that this was her first time face painting. Who on earth attempts such a detailed character to try to emulate the first time they paint their face? We love that she didn’t let that hold her back because this took her some serious craftsmanship! The best part of her outfit is the fact that she didn’t end up twinning with anyone else. Had she chosen to be Daenerys, she would have had some stiff competition! Mostly because another girl came dressed as the dragon mother, luckily, no other girls were trying to be White Walkers that day!

Katherine Murphy

It’s pretty impressive when someone can pull off looking like one character from Game of Thrones. But, when makeup artist, Katherine Murphy, chose to turn herself into four characters, we nearly lost our minds. Not only did she choose to be one of the show’s leading ladies, but she also made herself over into two of the show’s most dominant men. Her first transition was into Cersei Lannister. While we don’t think she’s a sir’s a doppelganger, she did a great job. Then, the australian-born makeup artist turned herself into Daenerys Targaryen. And, again, the results are stunning, but we are still a bit underwhelmed. It wasn’t until she turned herself into John snow that we really could see how magical she was with a makeup brush. Seriously, the fact that this is a woman blew our minds but, she wasn’t done there. Prepare yourselves because this is going to make your mind explode. Here she is as khal drogo. Um, what? How is this even possible? She looks incredible; we can’t even handle it! This woman is super talented, and we are pretty sure if she ever wanted to work on Game of Thrones they would love to have her. We still can’t get over that Khal Drogo look, what about you? Tell us which of Katherine’s looks is your favorite in the comment section below!

Trine Ericzon

So, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones then you already know this is a photo of Margaery Tyrell, right? What if we told you while this may be the character Margaery, it’s not actually the actress who plays her. This is actually triin Eriksson, a barista from Norway she looks so much like Natalie Dormer but it seems like the two were separated at Birth. When she first began doing her Marjorie cosplay, she received such incredible feedback that she started getting fan mail. It takes Trina about two hours to transform herself into the character. She even made five costume gowns that resemble Marjorie’s wardrobe. It all started when a local organization threw a party with a game of Thrones theme. Her friends always told her she looked like the actress who played the iconic character so the choice was a no-brainer. After she showed up to a party as Margaery and blew everyone away, she knew she had something special on her hands. Trina’s already known in the cosplay community, but playing this character put her on another level. And considering she’s the spitting image of Natalie Dormer it’s easy to see why fans can’t get enough of this cosplaying barista! We are pretty sure if Margaery was still on the show Trina could totally sit in as her body double, don’t you think?

Paulo Ballesteros

If these other people who brought Game of Thrones to life haven’t impressed you, just wait until you see Paulo Bela cirrhosis work. This guy is so talented that he was able to transform himself into every major female character from the show. If you don’t believe one person could look like every woman from Game of Thrones we have the photos through it. The Philippines based actor starts creating his looks by googling the character. Then, he finds a wig that he can cut to match their hair and starts to get his contour and highlight on. Here he is as Brienne of Tarth while Brienne is known for her mane Yulin features; there is no sign of Paulo under this makeup. Here is a more shocking look from the magical makeup artist. This is Paulo as Santa stark. Um what? We have no idea how he did this, seriously there is some sorcery going on here! But, he isn’t done yet here is Cersei Lannister even with the short hair, you would never think this is a male makeup artist posing a Cersel. Finally, and most impressively, here is Paulo as Daenerys Targaryen. Okay, he just dropped the mic with this look, we can’t even handle it. It should be a crime for someone to have so much talent. We are just jealous that he looks better as a woman than we do!

Alicia Goveas

We love how all these artists aren’t letting their genders hold their creativity back. This next artist didn’t choose to bring female characters to life with her makeup; she chose to be a male instead. And, not just any male character she decided to be the beloved Jon Snow. This character is already hard enough to pull off for a guy, let alone a woman, but Alisha Goveas was up for the challenge. She started by turning her olive skin into a pale shade to match John’s infamous alabaster glow. Next, she drew in her bushy brows because let’s face it, it’s hard to keep your grooming up when you’re part of the Nights Watch. After that, since she doesn’t have facial hair naturally Alicia drew on John’s patchy beard. We are starting to see the look really come together. The final touches the hair, which she doesn’t eat awake for. The makeup artist lets her hair hang loose in wavy, textured curls and the look is complete. She may not be an exact twin, but we have to applaud her effort. this took some serious skill, but we would also like to see her bring a female character to life. because if it is anywhere as good as her Jon Snow look and then the makeup artist over a game of Thrones have some competition on their hands!

Jamie Greenberg

Even though she’s making fun of Game of Thrones we can’t help but love Jamie Greenberg sense of humor! The celebrity makeup artist decided to try her hand at what she would do if she were doing khaleesies look. She was even able to find the perfect tools to bring the character to life. First, to get a smokey eye look, Jamie burnt some kindling in a dish to use as eyeshadow. Because she couldn’t find a feather for the application, she used her fingers instead. To get some mega contour going, the artist used some red powder made from ground-up rocks. For the lip stain, Jane claim to find some blood from a jailed vagrant. Though it didn’t taste that good, it really made her lips pop. Considering every good contour needs a highlight, for this makeup artist a fish was the perfect way to get it. she rubbed the scales of the fish with the Lancer, then applied it to her cheekbones and vola! Next, she crushed up some cherries for her blush. And finally, she blended everything together with a dragon egg Beauty Blender! While it may not be the most glamorous look on this list, it is definitely the most hilarious!

Michelle Phan

If you are a Michelle Phan fan then you already know she is some pretty impressive makeup and styling skills. But, nothing compared to the time that she brought daenerys targaryen to life. Yes, we know we have already featured a few makeup artists who chose the same character but it seems to be a fan favorite. Can you blame them? The woman is gorge! So, here’s Michelle Phan’s attempt to look like the Dragon Mother. Doesn’t she look stunning? From the white blond wig to the colored contact, we think she totally hit it out of the park. The beauty blogger even nailed the Wardrobe perfectly. Thankfully, Michelle left some inspiration for her fans to get the same look. She made it easy by showing a simple outfit that we can all put together in a breeze. All you need is a crop top and asymmetric hem skirt, and some slouchy boots. It’s that easy! We love the Michelle didn’t take this look overboard as we’ve seen others do. She kept everything natural, and we have to admit, she’s absolutely glowing we can’t wait to try this look for ourselves. What about you? Are you going to take some tips from Michelle as well?

Carli Bybel

As usual, we save the best for last and when you see how Carli bybel. Transformed herself into Daenerys, you’ll agree. Once again, we know that we feature the number of Daenerys wannabes in this video, but they are all so good, it would be tragic to leave any of them out. But, the makeup artist that takes the dragon mother cake has to be beauty blogger Carly Bible. Just take a look for yourself! Doesn’t she look like she could be a double for the real actress Emilia Clarke? Here is a side-by-side of the two, and we aren’t sure which person is which! Seriously, both of these women are beautiful, and we think Carli bybel should try to get cast on the show. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones that think so. After Fans kept telling her she looked like the famous actress, Carly caved and bought a Daenerys wig. A few months later she blessed her fans and the internet with this amazing game of Thrones tutorial. Aren’t you so happy she did? we sure are what’s even better is that she listed every product she used right there on her website. so you can get the stunning look for yourself we aren’t sure we could pull this off as amazingly as Carly but we can’t wait to try! so which of these people brought the show to life the best.

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