10 Fashion Items That Will Make You Stand Out For Back To School


10 Fashion Items That Will Make You Stand Out For Back To School

Heading back to school is the perfect time to experiment with your look. and we’re about to show you some of these trim these items that will make sure all eyes are on you when you head back to school. Just wait until you see this super cute and trendy holographic backpack we found with butterfly wings. We guarantee all your friends will want to borrow it as soon as you bring it to school. today we’ll be showing you 10 fashion items that will make you stand out for back to school.

Clear pocket jeans

Regular denim is probably a staple in your closet. And if you’re like most people you probably wear a pair of jeans to school almost every single day. But regular jeans are just so bland. They don’t stand out, they all look the same and they definitely won’t make you the center of attention when you walk down your school’s hallway. That’s why clear pocket jeans are the next best thing. You get to enjoy the comfort and durability of denim while showing off your extensive taste in clothing. And thankfully these jeans won’t be breaking any dress codes. Although they have two clear pockets on the back the transparent material isn’t completely see-through. There’s a layer of denim between your skin and the pocket so you won’t be flashing the world every time you get up from your desk. These jeans are the equivalent of business in the front and party in the back. No one will even know you’re setting a huge fashion trend until you turn around and show off your clear pockets! Just make sure you’re wearing a shirt that isn’t too long that it covers up the best part of these pants. The point is to show off the pockets where ever you go. When you put these jeans on and walk on to campus you’ll be turning your school’s hallway into your own fashion runway.

Fancy crocs

We know you’re probably already shaking your head and disgust at just the thought of wearing a pair of Crocs to school. But please give us a chance to explain ourselves. Crocs are usually associated with nurses or people who want to look casual at all times. But this footwear brand has really stepped it up in recent years to appeal to a younger demographic. And when we say younger we’re talking about kids who are in school, just like you. The Crocs from the past are still around but the new version has some extra flavor to them that will really make you stand out. Not only are they extremely comfortable but they feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. So while you’re shuffling back and forth between classes you can do so without putting too much strain on your delicate little feet. Okay, now it’s time for the best part of crocks makeover these days the footwear is more chic than ever. Don’t believe us just take a look at this. The updated version was designed by Christopher cane and it includes some flashy charms gems and embellishments. Trust us when your friends see you wearing these babies on your feet, they won’t even care what brand they are. Instead, they’ll be in awe of all the flashy charms and embellishments.

Rear Zipper Jeans

In case you haven’t noticed we’re obsessed with jeans. But like we mentioned before regular denim just isn’t getting the job done these days. Fashion is all about trying out new styles and expressing yourself by wearing various trends. So if you want to stand out give your normal jeans a break for a bit. As long as you’re not breaking any of your school’s rules we think these next pair of jeans should make an appearance in your next outfit of the day. They’re called rear zipper jeans luckily, a bunch of different brands now offer them in their collections. That is including Levi’s collaboration with the brand Vêtements. Levi’s is known for its classic timeless, denim styles and Vêtements is known for pushing the envelope with its avant-garde pieces. So these two fashion powerhouses make a pretty strange duo, but we can’t deny how much we love their fashionable creation. Their rear zipper jeans have a regular fly’s if we’re going straight down the back of the jeans with two going down the legs. while everyone else is wearing their old boring jeans you can show up to school in this super cool, rear zipper style. Do you think you’re daring enough to wear them to your school? let us know down below in the comments section!

Teddy bear backpack

Backpacks are perfect for carrying around your books lunch and all your school supplies. However it seems like everyone’s backpacks looks the same these days. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same bland, dull, and boring styles every time you head back to school? Yeah so are we. That’s why we’ve included a bunch of fun and quirky backpacks on our list that we think you’ll really love. We’ll start with this teddy bear style how adorable does this look? It kind of reminds us of the plush oversized teddy bear backpacks Miley Cyrus wore in her bangers music video. It’s just much smaller in size, of course. This adorable accessory comes with a plush companion attached to it that’ll keep you company. When it feels like the final school bell may never ring, you could always just bust out with your backpack and admire how cute it is. Everywhere you go your classmates won’t be able to stop staring at your trendy bag, as well. Another great thing about this accessory is the teddy bear can be used as a pillow, too! so if you have a long bus ride to school or you want to catch up on some Z’s during lunch time just whip out your backpack and take a quick snooze right there on the comfy little bear.

Flashy platforms

If the Crocs we showed you earlier weren’t really your cup of tea, we have another pair of shoes that might fit your style. These flashy platforms won’t only make you tower above your classmates but they’ll bring an extra dose of glam to your outfit, as well. There are so many platform Styles out there but we just so happen to love the ones that are made from shattered holographic material. They will shine and dazzle your campus with each and every step. You can wear them with a casual outfit like a pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt. Even though your clothing will be laid-back and relaxed these blinged out shoes will grab everyone’s attention and really make you stand out at school. But not only that the platform style is much easier to walk in than regular high heels. So you can even pair them with a cute dress or a denim skirt if you feel like it. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit really low-key so that your flashy platforms become the center of attention when you head back to school. Don’t be surprised if your classmate begged you to tell them where you bought your shoes from. We’re pretty sure once you wear your platform sneakers to class everyone will be dying to get their hands on a pair, too!


Sequins jacket

If you want to make a boring outfit look chic all you have to do is pair it with your favorite denim jacket. We’re sure you already have one in your closet. But we’re not referring to the regular timeless jean jacket that you’ve probably been holding on to for years. Although a classic style is a great addition to your wardrobe it won’t help you earn the label of the best dressed student at your school. If you’re trying to be a bit flashy and get people to notice your great sense of style it’s time to grab a revamped version of the jean jacket. It has the same silhouette of the classic style you’re used to but it has some added embellishments that we really think you’ll love. This jacket is covered in sparkly blue and green sequins in the front and the back. It gives the classic outerwear a modern twist. We guaranteed if you buy a jacket like this you don’t have to worry about someone else at your school showing up in the exact same outfit. A lot of people steer clear of risky fashion choices, but we already know you’re not one of those people. That’s why this jacket will be perfect for your back-to-school wardrobe, what’s even better is the fact that you’ll brighten up your school’s hallways on a dark and stormy day just by wearing it!

Trendy backpacks

We found a few more backpacks that we know you’ll be obsessed with these bags are anything but ordinary. They each have their own unique style. So if standing out is your back-to-school goal you’ll definitely want to add one of these bags to your wardrobe. One of our favorite styles is this really cute backpack with a butterfly wing design. It has a holographic finish that gives it an iridescent shine. Can you imagine walking down the halls with this on your back? You’ll be the talk of the entire school! We also can’t get enough of this adorable mini backpack with sequins and colorful patches. The lips rocketship and ice-cream cone are nice added touches that will make sure your accessory is one of the coolest backpacks on your entire campus. Then, there’s this really cool sequined backpack that has a flashy rainbow design. it’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you pick it up and head off to school. or, How about these backpacks with the winking eye patches? They’re so cute, fun, and girly! Then you can switch your backpack throughout the week to fit your mood and style! your classmates will be anxiously waiting to see which bag you will show up to school wearing next!

Unicorn sweatshirt

If you thought the unicorn craze was over, you were wrong! This mythical animal has extended its 15 minutes of fame in the fashion world and we’re really happy it is dis decided to stick around for a bit longer. There’s just something about unicorns that makes us feel all giddy inside. Not only are they adorable, but they’re associated with all the bright and vivid colors that we’re so obsessed with. If you’re a fan of unicorns, just like us, we’re sure you’re looking for a way to add the horn feature into your back-to-school wardrobe. Well, get ready because we found the perfect product for you check this out. It’s a super whimsical unicorn sweatshirt! These sweaters come in various fabric colors, but they all have one thing in common. They look pretty regular from the front, don’t you think? But when you pull up the hood of the sweatshirt, you’ll notice that it’s in the shape of an adorable unicorn head complete with its own pony horn! If this doesn’t get the kind of attention you’re seeking at school then we don’t know what will! If you love quirky and eccentric fashion items, and it’s about time you pick up a unicorn sweatshirt. And we promise you, everyone at your school will fall in love with it just as much as you!

Transparent boots

In case you didn’t get the memo, the transparent trend is in. if you weren’t a big fan of the clear pocket jeans we showed you earlier, we have another way you can jump on board the clear trend. This time, the transparency is all in your Footwear, take a look at these cool boots. The see-through material means you can jazz them up in so many different ways! All you have to do is pair your boots with some colorful socks. One day you can wear striped pair, the next day you can wear some polka dot ones. You can even wear a striped sock on one foot and a polka dot on the other if you really want to stand out! The socks will show through the material of the shoes and you can also stretch them out so they peek out from the top of the shoe, as well. This is what makes the transparent boots so much fun! You can create various styles and have fun pairing them with different styles of cozy socks. you can even wear them without anything covering your feet, but we wouldn’t recommend it. If it’s a really hot day you wouldn’t want your classmates to see your sweaty toes fogging up the transparent material of the boots! so quite cool, just make sure you wear these boots with socks at all times!

Holographic backpack

Last but not least, we have one more trendy backpack that we knew we had to share with you. If the first few bags on our list didn’t really impress you we know this last one will. It’s made by the super affordable brand forever 21, and it’s a bright and eye-catching color that will light up all the hallways at your school. Boring, solid color backpacks are so outdated especially if you’re trying to make a fashion statement at school. It’s time to really spice things up with this holographic version that’s in the fun, bright pink shade. This faux leather accessory is made of a pebbled material that gives with an awesome, bumpy texture. It also has enough zipper compartments for you to store your pens, pencils, and no pads. The best of all, this backpack isn’t only beautiful it’s pretty comfortable to wear, as well. The shoulder straps are stuffed with a padded material. So no matter how many school books you have to carry around all day you’ll be able to tote them around without straining your back or shoulders. When you wear a backpack of this flashy, you’ll never want to wear a boring bag ever again! And once you’re friends I’ll start complimenting you on your choice of bag you’ll know that you’re officially one of your school’s most iconic fashion trendsetters.

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