10 Things Your Sleeping Position Reveals About You


10 Things Your Sleeping Position Reveals About You

Considering you will spend one third of your life sleeping, it shouldn’t be surprising that the way you catch up on your Z’s can have some insight into different aspects of your life. Today we are discussing 10 things you’re sleeping position reveals about you. Did you know that the way you sleep at night could be a link to understanding your personality? What will your sleeping position say about you stay tuned to find out!

Your love life

Whether you are single or taken the way you sleep might be a window into your love life. Surprisingly, the position you sleep in might help figure out the type of lover you are when you’re awake. Since you spend one third of your life sleeping, it shouldn’t be too surprising that how you sleep can give insights into your love life. If you are someone who sleeps in a log position, where your arms are parallel to your torso, you might be too trusting of others and fall for the wrong people. People who sleep like this are easily fooled by smooth talkers and cheaters. If you are someone who sleeps in the starfish position, on your back with both arms around the pillow, you are someone who is a friendly lover. you hop from relationship to relationship with ease and have little drama in your love life. If you hug your pillow while you sleep, you might be someone who loves to be in love. You are a natural romantic and you give your all too every relationship. If you are someone who’s sleep from the finger position, with your fisted hand resting under your chin, you may over analyze your love life. You may constantly question your relationships and protect yourself from giving your heart to someone who may hurt you.

Your zodiac sign

Did you know that your zodiac sign may have something to do with the way you sleep? For instance, Aries people like to feel safe and comforted when they sleep their favorite position is the fetal position. Since Taurus people don’t like routine they switch up their positions throughout the night, but their favorite is sleeping on their stomach with their arms and legs spread out. Gemini’s may suffer from insomnia but when they do get some shut-eye they’re most likely to sleep on their backs. Cancers find it easy to go to sleep they don’t care about the position as long as they are comfortable. Leo’s don’t like to lay on their side they most likely bury themselves face down in their bed, with the leg hiked to the side. Virgos are heavy sleepers, and light cancers, it doesn’t matter how they sleep as long as they are comfortable. Libra is also urine for security and like to sleep in the fetal position preferably list someone cuddling them. Scorpios like to switch things up, they mostly rotate between sleeping on their stomachs and sleeping on their backs. Sagittarius will sleep in any position as long as they are being cuddled. Capricorn switch positions throughout the night but sleeping on their side is their favorite. Aquarians will sleep anytime anywhere and in any position possible. Pisces people are smart sleepers I’d like to sleep in any position with a pillow between their knees to distribute their weight.

Your beauty

The way you sleep may have something to do with the way you look. If you aren’t happy with your appearance you may want to switch up the position you sleep in. did you know that if you sleep on your side, you might have an unproportioned face? Also, if you sleep face up every night you may cause the back of your head to be flat, and your ears might stick out more than usual. If you are someone who wants to fight wrinkles the best thing you can do is not sleep face down on your pillow. Sleeping face down causes premature aging as well as acne. When you sleep on your stomach it causes your skin to be pulled and stretched, which can eventually lead to wrinkles. Plus constantly having your face smashed against sheets can cause you to break out. What is even worse is the fact that sleeping on your side or stomach can cause bags under your eyes. Thanks to gravity when you sleep in these positions, it makes fluid rush to your eyes therefore causing unsightly bags. the best way to catch your beauty sleep is by supine sleeping which is a fancy way of saying sleeping on your back.

Your success

What does your sleepy position have to do with how successful you are more than you may think? Research shows that the way you sleep at night might have something to do with the way you feel in the morning. Researchers claimed that when someone sleeps in a low-power position, like the fetal position, it make them more angsty. It can also affect the way you think during the day. Because it’s a lower power position, fetal sleepers may wake up being more sensitive and emotional, without knowing why. This sets them up for failure in a chaotic workplace environment. The same thing goes for people who struggle with wanting to feel safe at night. These people will usually fall asleep with their arms wrapped around their bodies. This is another low power position which can affect the way you feel when you are awake. if you want to have more power or success in your life, researchers suggest sleeping in an open position on your back or stomach. Stretching your legs and arms out will make you feel bigger which tricks your mind into thinking you are powerful. You could also sleep with your arms behind your head. These power positions change the way your mind thinks, and even increases your pain threshold.

Future diseases

Yes, the way you sleep can actually predict future illnesses. But, if you play your cards right it can also help decrease your chances of developing a serious disease. Researchers suggest that the way people sleep can help them prevent neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Alzheimer’s is an irreversible brain disorder that slowly chips away at people’s memories and cognitive skills. Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder that leads to shaking balance problems and loss of coordination. The chances of you developing either of these diseases may have something to do with the way you sleep. Researchers found that people who sleep on their side are more efficient at clearing metabolic wastes while they sleep. Your brain produces metabolic waste composed of chemicals and proteins throughout your waking hours. If this waste starts building up it can do some serious damage to your brain as well as cause neurological diseases. People who sleep on their stomachs or backs have a harder time clearing metabolic wastes. And therefore are more likely to develop a brain disorder over time. For now, the research has only been done on mice but researchers are confident that human testing will have the same outcome.


Your dreams

Considering the majority of your dreams take place when you are asleep, it isn’t surprising that your sleeping position can affect them. Did you know that you may even be able to alter what you dream about by just switching up your sleeping position? This works because the way you sleep at night may cause pressure on different parts of your body in return, these body parts could influence elements of your dreams. People who sleep on their stomach may have intense and vivid romantic dreams including a partner. If you sleep on your side depending on side you sleep on you may be able to dictate your dreams. Study suggests that right side sleepers are more likely to have positive dreams, but may lack overall quality of sleep. people who sleep on their left side reported having more nightmares than right side sleepers. Apparently, the worst position is sleeping on your back. That only does it cause health problems like snoring but it is also the position that leads to the most nightmares. So, if you want to play around or try to affect what you dream about at night, just switch the position you sleep in. if you plan on trying this out let us know your results in the comment section below!

Explains pain

As we said, the way he sleep puts pressure on certain parts. Of your body this pressure could lead to some serious pain. So, if you are experiencing any discomfort you should look at the way you sleep because it could be the explanation. Did you know that sleeping facedown is horrendous for your back? This position flattens your spines natural curve and could be the reason you suffer from lower back pain. Stomach sleepers might also be more prone to neck pain as well this position causes your next two twists to either the right or left. Since you are most likely lying this way all night they can cause some serious damage to your necks cervical joints. Side sleepers aren’t off the hook either. If you are a side sleeper who doesn’t change positions throughout the night, it may wreak havoc on your shoulders. Putting all your weight on one side can cause shoulder and lower back pain, to help remedy this sleep with a pillow between your knees. If you want to get the best sleep for your spine try sleeping on your back. It can reduce spinal issues because it keeps your neck and back in a more neutral alignment.

Your health

We already know the way you sleep could prevent future diseases and it can predict why you have pain. So, it should be no wonder that your sleeping position can tell you a lot about your overall health. If you sleep in the log position you may be helping to prevent acid reflux. On the downside, you probably suffer from snoring or even sleep apnea. People who sleep in the starfish position on your back with your hands up may suffer from shoulder problems and snoring. Sleeping in the fetal position can be one of the worst positions for your health. Sleeping like this can cause wrinkles chest sagging neck and back problems and it can even hinder deep breathing. If you are a side sleeper who favors your right side you may suffer from acid reflux. If you sleep on your left side you are possibly putting strain on your liver, lungs and stomach. But there is one bonus for side sleepers if you are a pregnant woman. This is an old fives tell that states the way you sleep can determine the gender of your baby. If you sleep on your left you are having a boy, and if you sleep on your right, you are having a girl! Stomach sleepers have the worst of it that only is it horrible for your spine but it also hinders your circulation and breathing.

Your relationship

If you have a significant other the way you sleep together to tell a lot about the state of the relationship. Couples who sleep in this spoon position take on different roles considering their placement. The little spoon is the trusting partner and the big spoon is the protector. If the spoon is a few inches apart, it means you have probably been together for a while and that you have each other’s back. If you’re a tangled into one another arms and legs are overlapping it means that you both physically desire the other. If both of you sleep with your backs towards one another without touching, it may mean you need space or are feeling distant. The same goes if one of the partners is facing the other. This may indicate that this partner is seeking attention or feeling distance. Now, if you sleep with your bags to one another and they are touching, it shows that you are both independent, but still take comfort in feeling each other’s touch. If one of you sleeps noticeably closer to the headboard than the other it may mean you’re out of sync or on different pages. if you sleep face-to-face, it means you enjoy pillow talk before bed and have a strong and healthy connection.

Your personality

Did you know the way you sleep could be the secret to your personality? For instance, people who sleep in the urine or position, on their side with their arms reaching out are very inviting and open. They also struggle with being stubborn and have a hard time making up their minds. Free fall sleepers on your stomach with your arms wrapped around your pillow. Have playful personalities and may seem free-spirited. Sadly, these types of sleepers crave control and may suffer from anxiety. People who sleep in the starfish position are great friends. They like to go out of their way to help others and sometimes put the needs of others before their own. Beetle sleepers tend to look tough on the outside but are sensitive and emotional on the inside. These people are also prone to being very shy. The soldier position involves lying on your back with your arms to your side. If this is you, you may be a no-nonsense person you hold yourself, and the people around you in very high standards. Log sleepers are very sociable and like to be part of the in-crowd. They will do anything to be popular even if it means trusting the wrong people.

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