15 Things Paris Hilton DID FIRST


15 Things Paris Hilton DID FIRST

Paris Hilton is the queen of the 2000s. The outfit she wore ten years ago are what is trending amongst our favorite celebrities nowadays. Her fashion statement is to take risks and have fun she likes to be a trendsetter and not just follow what is popular. Paris even claimed that she invented something we all do today. Now we are showing you 15 things Paris Hilton did first.


People have been wearing tracksuits to go to the gym for years. But Paris was one of the first celebrities to turn it into a fancy everyday outfit. She looks like she is ready to face the paparazzi, even when she is just going out to walk her dog. Her best advice is to always wear one that is colorful, so you don’t look like you’re actually going to the gym. No, one wants to be sweaty in their fancy track suits. but when there are pink sequins, it’s even better. In 2017, the wear line is back on to the scene as it girls like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna are wearing it. Juicy Couture is the proof that you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful. These celebrities look even better when they feel comfortable.




Paris Hilton dresses like a queen an even Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is copying her look. They both choose to wear a self-portrait $640 gown for a black-tie occasion. the hotel Harris wore the crocheted white maxi dress with white heels, a crystal leaf headband, and diamond earrings to a gala in Los Angeles. Then, just a week later Kate wore the same dress to a premiere in London. She accessorized it with black suede shoes parel earrings, and a poppy pin. it was the first time the Duchess opted for a self-portrait. but she should have known that when you choose to wear something off the rack, you might not be the first person to wear it. and when you’re competing with Paris Hilton, the blonde starlet is often the fastest in this category. it’s just fun to see that Paris is the one wearing what looks like a tiara with this dress.


Paris Hilton is probably Paris Hilton’s biggest fan. You can see pictures of in her house, in her coffee and also on her clothes. the starlet has been wearing a Paris Hilton top while she was treating herself to a me day. And, it was not even the first time paparazzi saw double. She launched a collection of shirts with her face on it and was not shy to wear it. it’s hard for people who are not famous to find a t-shirt with their face on it. But celebrities like Kylie Jenner proudly wear their own face Rihanna did the same thing with a picture of her childhood self. Do you think this is too much or is it just another funny trend?

Best Friends

No, we are not talking about the fans who competed to be her BFF on the reality show. Her real best friends have four poles and are fluffier. Paris Hilton’s dogs are the best way to accessorize any of her favorite outfits. And she wants what’s best even when it comes to puppies the dog she adopted in 2016 is too tiny to be real. the itty bitty baby has eyes bigger than its nose and Paris even asked Instagram to help her find a name. she also adopted one of these smallest micro teacup Pomeranians in the world for $13,000. The dog named Mr. amazing was just over 5 centimeters tall when she adopted him. No matter where she goes her best friends are here with her. it’s a big world out there for such tiny puppies.


Pink is the new black, and now that we’re in 2017, it’s time to trade millennial pink for millennial pink. No matter where she goes, Paris Hilton often goes for her favorite color. Barbie might have been the first to wear so much pink, but the hotel Harris brought this dream to reality by making it a fashion statement. Even her car at $220.000 Bentley Continental, is pink! Hilton is also the one who made pink colored faux fur and pink color coordinates so popular. No matter what trend we are talking about on the list she manages to add her favorite color to the mix. her motto is probably the pinker, the better. As she said herself on Twitter, some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.


When it comes to cell phones, Paris Hilton is always there to start a new trend. In 2001, her phone looks like a brick and she was proudly showing it to the paparazzi. Then in 2002 was one of the first appearances of the flip phone and in 2004, we finally saw the sidekick. And the 2000s, if you wanted to know what was trending, you had to take a look at the cell phone Paris Hilton was using. The blonde fashionista was always ahead of her time, and what is she doing today? The celebrity doesn’t have only one phone, but three! She thinks that staying connected to her BFFs is super important, so everyone should have at least three phones, and they should all be bedazzled. We wouldn’t mind following this trend if we were hotel Heiresses, too. 



The blonde girl already looks like a Barbie, so we’re not surprised when we see her dressed like one. but she was not the only one who liked that outfit, Nicki Minaj wore the same shirt, too! Jeremy Scotts Barbie themed collection was really popular amongst celebrities. But once again, Paris Hilton was the first to get her hands on it in October 2014. Paris went for the full logo look with the long sleeve top and a shirt. She accessorized this look with pink gloves a Pomeranian puppy, a cellphone, and sunglasses just like she always does. Nicki Minaj was more casual, wearing black leggings and boots with the same mosquito logo shirt when she was spotted at the LAX Airport. Many other celebrities followed after but the reality star was the real trendsetter in this story.



Paris Hilton thinks that you should always dress like a princess if you want to be treated like one. And the queen of the 2000s certainly deserves to wear a tiara! She lives like royalty with her Beverly Hills house worth almost 6 million dollars her little dogs and her fabulous clothes. We don’t clearly understand what she’s doing right now because she is kind of a girl who is famous for being famous. Her job seems to be making sure that we never stop hearing about her and attending the finest parties, and we can’t complain. We love knowing more about the life of the rich and famous. Just take a look at one of her five 21st birthday parties. With her sheer pink mini dress paired with a tiara, she was the princess of Los Angeles that night.


She might be a princess, but that won’t keep her from wearing clothes that used to be associated with adult female entertainers. In the 2000s, Paris Hilton took the fishnet off the streets to turn it into the new trend. She wore it with her most original outfits but also on the red carpet. This is how she turned this risque leg wear into something really elegant nowadays. And today, the fishnets are surprisingly mainstream. The new trend is now wearing them under your favorite pair of jeans as the Kardashians do. Kylie Jenner, kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing them on Instagram. But do they know that Paris is actually the one who made the so popular years before? so if you see the hotel harris wearing something unusual, buy it now because it is probably going to be trending soon!



One of Paris Hilton’s mottos is probably the more, the better but this time, she’s not talking about clothes, but about skin! When the Harris shared her closet to the world, we had a chance to see her hoard of low waisted jeans. She had more than a hundred pairs! the distance between her crop tops and the top of her pants seemed so long. and when she wore a low miniskirt it seemed like she was only wearing a large belt. Sometimes, she didn’t even mind exposing her thong as if it was part of the outfit. And when she had a low waisted pink tracksuit with rhinestones, it was even better. You probably wore the same thing too in the 2000s, but remember that Paris Hilton Ward first, and better. Only a fashionista like her can let us see her underwear while she was fitting and make it look great.

Julian McDonald

With tons of sequins to make her shine and the gold color to make her look even more precious, it seemed like this Julien Macdonald dress was made for Paris Hilton. Unfortunately, another tall blonde didn’t get the memo. Paris first wore this gorgeous dress to the Cannes Film Festival in 2005, and Heidi Klum more years later at the Grammys in 2011. The Harris wore it with a beautiful necklace while the actress decided to keep things simple. So once again, Hilton knew what was trending years earlier. If you want to make a good first impression, you must take a look at what Paris Hilton more years ago. The starlet loves to see girls wearing things used to wear because no one dressed like her back in the days.


Paris Hilton claimed that she invented something that some of us now do every day: taking selfies. even though we doubt that she was the first one who took a picture of herself, we can still admit that she was one of the first to make it so popular. Years ago, she told someone what a camera phone was. She took a selfie and called it an autograph of the 21st century. Paris even said that if a beeper had a camera, she would have taken a selfie with it. The hotel Harris started taking selfies when she was a kid with a disposable camera. With the advent of social media, it became easier for her to become more and more popular with these pictures. And we can’t judge her for wanting to take so many photos of herself. We are all doing the same thing nowadays! According to Paris anyone who has a phone can become a celebrity in 2017. So maybe our selfies could make us famous one day?


According to the fashionista, there are no such things as too many rhinestones. She thinks it’s hot to bling as much as possible. Paris Hilton wears rhinestones as chokers, on her dress on her hat and even as a belt. Whether the Harris is on the red carpet or simply partying, rhinestones are there to make sure that she gets the attention that she deserves. Her only fashion role is not to be boring. Paris thinks that everyone should dress cute no matter where they go because life’s too short to blend in. and even if you don’t like her look full of rhinestones, she doesn’t care. Paris things that when people don’t even know you hate you, that’s when you know you’re the best. be confident like her and your smile will be much brighter than your rhinestones!

Graphic tees

Paris Hilton didn’t invent the graphic tees, but she’s the one who turned it into a fashion statement. Paris thinks that the 2000s were the hottest years in fashion history. graphic tees are not just casual clothes anymore. Paris Hilton things that t-shirts are the best way to tell the world your most profound thoughts when you go out. and it seems to include many things like “stop being desperate” “I love policemen,” “I love shoes, bags, and boys,” and “that’s hot”. We don’t know why, but we’d love to know what Paris Hilton has on her mind, even though these are just random thoughts. If you think that the days of graphic tees are long behind us, think again. As we can see from the resurgence of the 2000 trends we will soon be wearing them again. What would your favorite graphic tee say? Don’t be shy to tell us in the comments down below. We would love to know what you think!

La Bourjoisie

for her 21st birthday party, kendall Jenner wore a custom-made labou Jersey mini dress. This sparkly silver outfit took seven days to make, and the memories of her impressive cleavage will last forever. But this looks like a dress Paris Hilton wore first in 2002 for her own 21st birthday party in London, and it’s not a coincidence! In her Instagram caption, jitter Rose that her look was inspired by Paris herself. And how did the starlet react to this homage? Miss Hilton was flattered. She was actually at the party and saw the dress in real life Paris immediately recognized it and told Kendall that she looked stunning. it just brought back a lot of memories. So don’t be jealous the next time someone wears the same dress as you at a party. Take that as a compliment everyone can look equally beautiful wearing the same outfit.

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