20 Photos Of Nickelodeon Stars All GROWN UP


20 Photos Of Nickelodeon Stars All GROWN UP

Nickelodeon is a network aimed at children so we generally don’t think of its stars as being attractive. However some of them are quite different when they’re off set, while others have grown up considerably since their time on screen. Will show you 20 of the steamiest photos of Nickelodeon stars.

Emma Roberts


You might know her from her villainous adult roles and shows like American Horror Story and scream queens but after summer Roberts was just a kid on Nickelodeon’s “unfabulous”. Not, only are these shots of her steamy, but they are completely “unretouched” as part of an ad campaign for Aerie. Yep, she really is bad gorgeous!

Michelle Trachtenberg

She once played Harry at the side but now she is more likely to be the one being spied on. Michelle Trachtenberg has put away her notebook in favor of some lingerie, heels, and stockings and these photos taken from Maxim magazine.

Arianna Grande

It seems like just yesterday Arianna Grande was starring on “Victorious” and “Sam & cat”. Where she was known for quarreling with her co-stars behind the scenes. Although she can still be a controversial figure, her physical figure is one we can’t help but appreciate.

Jewel Staite

We guessed that actress Jewel Staite just has a thing for space. We met her as Catalina on Nickelodeon’s “space cases”, before she became known as the lovable Kaylee on “Firefly”. Which makes sense because her looks are definitely out of this world.

Rosa Blasi

Rosa Blasi is still going strong in her role as barb on the Nickelodeon series the “thundermans”. Not only does she act on a successful Children’s Network but she’s also a wife and mother, yet still manages to look absolutely incredible.

Daniela Nieves

It’s been a couple of years since we last saw actress Daniela Nava starring in “Wits Academy” and “every which way” she has only grown more beautiful during that time, and we definitely hope to see her back on camera soon.

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is a Nickelodeon alt star, and has appeared in many of their shows including starring in both “zoey” 101 and “Victoria’s”. Not to mention her many other appearances. We can’t wait to see what role Nickelodeon puts her in next.

Natasha Williams

She has been on screen so often since then that it can be hard to remember that Natasha Williams once starred in so “little time” and Romeo on Nickelodeon. Since then, she’s shown off her singing skills on “American Idol”, and shown off her good looks as a model.

Joanna Garcia

She was once on “are you afraid of the dark”, but it’s been a long time since Joanna Garcia has pretended to be frightened of a scary story. although we definitely wouldn’t mind curling up with her in front of a roaring campfire.

Brooke Nevin

For 90’s kids, the television adaptation of the Animorphs book was a huge deal. it turns out that after her time on Nickelodeon, she morphed into many other roles, and appeared on “Breakout Kings”, “call me Fitz and the 4400”.


Jennette Mccurdy

We loved seeing her portray the spunky Sam on Carly, and the spin-off salmon cat. She’s appeared on many other Nickelodeon shows as well, and we know we are looking forward to her taking on more adult roles in the future.

Melissa Joan Hart

When we were kids, we loved watching Melissa Joan Hart explain the world to us on “Clarissa explains at all”. However, many fans of her wholesome image were searching for an explanation when she started appearing in less than family-friendly photo shoots.

Meagan Good

We remember her from back in the day when she was Nina Jones on the Nickelodeon show “cousin Skeeter”, but making good has gone on to appear in many television and film roles since. Since she’s normally a celeb, she decided to dress up as a waitress from a certain chain restaurant one year for Halloween.

Elizabeth Gillies

She’s been acting since she made her Broadway debut at 15 and later played Jade West on “Victorious”. After that, she went on to play more adult roles, including appearing in the comedy series “sex & drugs & rock& roll”.

Daniella Monet

Another Nickelodeon all-star who has appeared in “victorious” is Daniella Monet. She’s been in a ton of other Nickelodeon, shows including hosting the game show “paradise run”. Her body of work so far has been very family-friendly, but we can’t wait to see what sort of project she takes on in the future.

Brenda’s Song

Her time on Nickelodeon was short but sweet as she starred in the series “100 deeds for Eddie McDowd”. Brenda Song made a brief stopover at Disney before fully embracing more adult roles on the big screen.

Alyson Munn

We first remembers seeing her as crazy Caroline on “that 70 show” before Alison Munn began appearing on Nickelodeon. she plays the mother on “Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn” which is currently in its third season.

Erin Sanders

Erin Sanders was one of the stars of “zoey 101”, and she never missed an episode. when she isn’t acting on television show, Sanders enjoys spending her downtime relaxing and doing some yoga poses on the beach.

Keke Palmer

when it comes to impressive bodies of work, of course Keke Palmer makes her list. she’s appeared in many movies including “the longshot” and “madea’s family reunion”, as well as the Nickelodeon show “True Jackson VP”.

Christine Taylor

You might know her from one of her many film appearances, or because she’s married to actor Ben Stiller, but Christine Taylor was once a Nickelodeon star. she once appeared on the beloved show “Hey Dude” as melody Hanson, but she’s had no shortage of more adult roles as well. which of these steamy photos was your favorite.

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